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Nathan Damigo - Identitarian Activism & Identity Evropa - Hour 1
May 23, 2016
Identitarian Activism & Identity Evropa

Nathan Damigo is a combat veteran of the Iraq war, currently studying for an undergraduate degree in Social Science at the University of California, Stanislaus. He is the creator and host of On The Front, a podcast delivered from an Identitarian perspective. In March 2016 Nathan created Identity Evropa, a North American based Identitarian organization dedicated to creating a new future for People of European Heritage. His work has been published in Ra ...

Tough Love - The Western Tradition, Art Activism & The Pursuit of The Real - Hour 1
May 18, 2016
The Western Tradition, Art Activism & The Pursuit of The Real

Tough Love is an artist and blogger from New Zealand who writes from a Eurocentric perspective on his blog ToughLoveLetters. He makes regular solo exhibitions of paintings that deal with Abstract Language and the history of Western Painting. Tough Love has been making art since he was young and pursued it at a tertiary level, which led to technical and teaching positions in the field. Recently he has turned his attention towards ...

Jeff Wilkerson - Sion's Army: The Freemasons - Hour 1
May 13, 2016
Sion's Army: The Freemasons

After graduating from university in 1977, Jeff Wilkerson was drawn in the direction of political activism. He became a leader in the Populist Party and a member of the National Alliance. His activism slowed in the early millennial years as he married and started a family. In 2008, he began researching for his first book, Sion's Army - The Freemasons, which he published in 2015.

Jeff discusses the exploits of the followers of the shadowy Priory of Sion and ...

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An Unknown Billionaire's Quest To Reverse Aging
May 26, 2016
An Unknown Billionaire's Quest To Reverse Aging If you Google Osman Kibar’s name you’ll find pictures of him playing poker. It’s not that he was ever a serious player–just that in 2006 he won the first poker tournament he ever played in and then, a year later, came in second out of 3,000 players at a tournament run by the World Series of Poker in Vegas. “I don’t get this,” he told a friend. “I’m going to enter another tournament just to check this assumption.” So he played one more tournament, won it and then quit. “While I’m playing, it’s you and the other players,” says Kibar, 45. “The cards are irrelevant. [But] when you just stare at cards 12 to 14 hours a day, you get this hangover effect.” He couldn’t think straight for days, he says, so he gave it up. Instead, for fun, he now reads higher-math textbooks and meditates. Kibar, an engineering…

US election: Trump wins enough delegates for Republican nomination
May 26, 2016
US election: Trump wins enough delegates for Republican nomination The US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has reached the number of delegates needed to secure the party's presidential nomination. In North Dakota on Thursday, he thanked 15 unbound delegates from the state who he said "got us right over the top". He defeated 16 other Republican contenders and according to the Associated Press has 1,238 delegates, one more than needed. Republicans will finalise their nomination at a convention in July. While Mr Trump has the required amount of delegates, his nomination by a divided Republican Party is not yet secured. Unbound delegates in the party are free to support the candidate of their choice. If his nomination is confirmed, Mr Trump will face former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who are vying for…

Ancient Irish Musical History Found in Modern India
May 26, 2016
Ancient Irish Musical History Found in Modern India An archaeologist studying musical horns from iron-age Ireland has found musical traditions, thought to be long dead, are alive and well in south India. The realization that modern Indian horns are almost identical to many iron-age European artefacts reveals a rich cultural link between the two regions 2,000 years ago, said PhD student Billy Ó Foghlú, from The Australian National University (ANU). "Archaeology is usually silent. I was astonished to find what I thought to be dead soundscapes alive and living in Kerala today," said the ANU College of Asia-Pacific student. "The musical traditions of south India, with horns such as the kompu, are a great insight into musical cultures in Europe's prehistory. "And, because Indian instruments are usually recycled and not laid down as offerings, the…

Kinder Chocolate Replaces White Kid on Packaging with Immigrant Kids
May 26, 2016
Kinder Chocolate Replaces White Kid on Packaging with Immigrant Kids Ferrero chocolate replaced their usual cute blonde, blue eyed White kid on the wrapper with nonWhite kids. The kids featured are members of the German national football team when they were children, including Jerome Boateng (father is from Ghana) and Ilkay Gundogan (Turkish). PEGIDA objected to the packaging, understandably. In Germany, Germans want to see Germans on their packaging and they want to watch Germans play on their sports teams. A man from Ghana will never be ethnically German. Why is someone from Ghana or Turkey on a German national football team anyway? If you go to Ghana or any nonWhite country, you will not find German men on their sports teams. It's not about the stupid packaging but what the packaging represents. Population replacement. German genocide. Only White countries…

Aussie Butcher Posted Sign Saying Bacon 'Reduces Your Chance of Being a Suicide Bomber'
May 26, 2016
Aussie Butcher Posted Sign Saying Bacon 'Reduces Your Chance of Being a Suicide Bomber' A butcher has denied a sign in his shop window claiming his bacon 'reduces your risk of being a suicide bomber' is racist. The sign was displayed in the front window of Rapley's Midtown Quality Meats in Narooma, New South Wales, Australia. The sign, which reads 'Eating two strips of Rapley's award-winning bacon for breakfast reduces your chance of being a suicide bomber by 100 per cent' has sparked controversy but owner Jeff Rapley denied it is racist. The butcher also claimed his bacon sales have gone up since the promotion. He told Narooma News : "I’m definitely not a racist and didn’t mean for it to cause offence." He said he removed the sign the next day following a backlash which got "way out of hand". A number of religions, including Islam and Judaism, forbid their followers from eating…

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